Christmas Treelot Update & Online Ordering

Updated November 19, 2020:

Many have emailed and asked: will you be selling Christmas Trees this year? Yes, We Will!

The annual Christmas Treelot fundraiser ran by Snoqualmie Valley Venturing Crew #115 (located at the corner of Railroad Avenue and Snoqualmie Parkway) will be open starting November 27th. The Christmas Treelot you have come to know and love over the years will look a bit different to accomodate for Covid19. We have taken all the required steps to accommodate the pandemic rules set by the State and City.

While a few things have been adjusted, Crew #115 is anticipating high Christmas spirit regardless of the pandemic. Christmas trees are a nostalgic tradition that many are looking for this year.

Onsite sales will still be available, but here are a few changes to look out for:

  • No Santa Visits
  • No Sunday Pancake Breakfast
  • No Hot Cocoa or Cider
  • We have widened our rows in our display area.
  • Enjoy your visit, but please make it quick to avoid overcrowding.
  • Our payment/checkout area will now take place outside.
  • Consider visiting the Christmas treelot during the weekdays to overcrowding on the weekends.
  • Families are welcome to come find their tree together, but Crew #115 is asking that only two people from a household at the cashier at one time. 

    New for 2020:

    • Crew #115 will be offering an online order and no-contact delivery option to select zip codes within the Snoqualmie Valley. Think of this as “we pick & delivery!” 
    • Delivery details coming soon!

    Hours starting November 27th:

    • Monday–Thursday: 10am–9pm
    • Friday: 10am–10pm
    • Saturday: 9am–10pm
    • Sunday: 9am–7pm

    If you know of any teenagers looking for some volunteer hours or that are interested in joining the program, please email or visit the Christmas treelot starting November 27th.

    Crew #115 would like to thank the Snoqualmie Valley for supporting their Christmas tree fundraising since 2003. See you soon!

    Happy Holidays!